A professional insurance offer dedicated to zero-emission machinery and equipment

——————– ADVERTISING ——————–

L’Auxiliary launches breez, the 1st professional insurance offer
concerning zero-emission machinery and equipment, which allows construction companies to accelerate their transition.

Clear and efficient, the breez par l’Auxiliary offer is based on a base
broad insurance, which includes, without options, very solid guarantees and
incorporates new coverage specific to zero-emission vehicles.
It thus covers equipment specific to electric vehicles
(charging stations, cables, adapters and rechargeable batteries
when damaged concomitantly to the machine), damage to
mobile hydrogen recharging stations or machinery
retrofitted. At the same time, it bears the cost of recycling and
recovery of batteries damaged following a disaster as well as the
specialized technician costs.

Breez is also a complete offer integrating services related to environmental transition and prevention:
– construction companies can carry out and manage their certified carbon footprint under preferential conditions thanks to the Carbo digital platform,
– In partnership with Greenflex, a consulting firm in environmental and energy performance, a training session dedicated to CSR,
– In partnership with the Kiloutou rental brand (Grand Rhône regional management), a “preferential rate pass” on the IMPAKT range
(equipment and electrical machinery),
– A connected GPS tracker in collaboration with the start-up TRAKmy.

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