A symposium to learn all about cryptocurrency

You have certainly heard of this famous bitcoin, the first virtual currency, launched in 2009. Since yesterday, in Faa’a, professionals of this cryptocurrency, but also simple curious people come together to understand this industry.

The cryptocurrency – virtual currency – is no longer a phenomenon or a trend but a reality in which we live. A symposium on this subject is organized at the Hilton Tahiti hotel from June 5 to 7, 2022 to understand the functioning and economic issues in Polynesia. It brings together 120 professionals who have come to explain to Polynesians the methods to benefit from it in complete safety, because today, a bitcoin is worth more than 3 million Pacific francs.

Cryptocurrency can be an opportunity for artists. It’s another way to publicize and monetize their art. CRONOS understood this: 4 years ago, he painted a visual on a skateboard and transformed it into NFT, understand into virtual tokens.

I didn’t want to model skateboarding in 3D. All I wanted was this visual of the woman with her tatau and her flower necklace to do my NFT.

The Polynesian Islands Crypto Summit (PICS) colloquium ends on Tuesday. A campaign to raise awareness of the dangers and pitfalls of cryptocurrency will be organized in the coming months.

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