Ameli account: how to make a power of attorney online?

This is a new online service offered by Health Insurance. If it is impossible to travel, it is now possible to be represented by a third party at a CPAM reception point, provided that a power of attorney is given.

What are the possible procedures with a power of attorney?

The power of attorney can be used to make a request related to:

  • an accident at work or an occupational disease;
  • work stoppage or daily allowances;
  • maternity or paternity leave;
  • a request for complementary health insurance.

Please note that the procedure must not be able to be processed from your Ameli account, by email or by telephone. You also cannot make a power of attorney to request a temporary code for your Ameli account because it must be sent by post or SMS.

To make a power of attorney request, log in to your Ameli account and click on “Make or revoke a power of attorney online” in the “My steps” section.

There, you enter the identification information of the person who will represent you, called an agent, (title, surname, first name, date of birth), then you validate the request.

The power of attorney is immediate and valid for 1 month. It can be revoked at any time from your Ameli account, under the heading “Make or revoke a power of attorney online”.

To whom can power of attorney be given?

The agent must be a person, close or not, over the age of 18. When he goes to the reception point, he must present:

  • a valid identity document (national identity card, passport);
  • as well as your social security number and any other proof necessary to carry out the process on your behalf.

“Whatever the situation, the health insurance staff cannot under any circumstances reveal specific information to a third party, even if it is a person from the same family with the same surname or the person presents the insured’s Vitale card”specifies the health insurance.

If you do not have an Ameli account, you can give power of attorney to a third party by writing a letter in which you specify their identity. You date it and sign it. The representative must present this document to the reception of the CPAM accompanied by a copy of your identity document and his own identity document.

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