Apple unveils its new MacBook Air and Pro and its iOS 16 system

Apple did not lift the veil on its mixed reality headset during its traditional worldwide developer conference on Monday evening. However, the American giant has announced many surprises.


on Monday night showed off its usual flood of operating system updates for its iPhones, iPads and Macs at its annual developer conference (WWDC).

Apple, on the other hand, could announce an updated version of its Mac Pro and MacBook Air, as well as updates to basic products like the iPad.

The apple brand has announced that its new laptop Macbook Air has been “completely redesigned” around its new M2 processor, “35% faster than the previous M1 chip”. It will be offered from 1,199 dollars. The M2 chip will also equip the Macbook Pro 13 inches, available next month from 1,299 dollars.

The company also disclosed its next operating system iOS 16 which will come in the fall with a completely revamped lock screen, as well as new features in the messaging app, including the ability to edit texts that have already been sent.

Another major novelty: the Apple Pay Later service which will allow users to pay later for their purchases. The tech giant also added the tool “Safety Check”to disable access to sensitive information during “abuse situations”.

Hunt for mixed reality headset clues

Analysts and developers have peered between the lines to find clues about the upcoming VR/AR mixed reality headsetin vain.

Its release, potentially in March next year, would mark Apple’s first entry into a new category of devices computing since the Apple Watch, launched in 2015. And would put the company in direct competition with Meta and its “Cambria” project, a mixed reality headset slated for release this year.

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