Automotive. Renegotiate your car insurance contract, you will win!

An insurance contract, whether car or home, is taken out for one year and renewable by tacit agreement. So you pay every year without even asking yourself a question and it seems painless since you are deducted.

If the annual deadline is a good time to check that the coverage of your car is suitable for the use you make of it and its value, you can contact your insurer at any time to take stock.

Why negotiate?

The first reason may be of a financial nature: to lower your premium without limiting your guarantees, in particular by bringing the competition into play. Get quotes or compare online via specialized comparators. Once the results are obtained, it is an argument. Either your insurer follows, or you separate from him since the Hamon law authorizes you to do so.

Other reasons? Your vehicle is old and you have been insured in the same way since it was new; or the use of the car is different: more trips for work and only for walking, a move to a quieter area and the pricing changes…

Group your contracts

By consolidating your contracts with a single insurer, you play on trust. This can be advantageous and allows you to better negotiate your prices.

The loss of a customer is always a risk for an insurer, especially if several contracts are at stake. And if the reduction is difficult to obtain, negotiate additional guarantees such as the amount of deductibles and compensation ceilings, options or services free such as “zero kilometer” support or a loaned car during a repair…

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