based in Gironde, Dioxycle offers solutions for recycling CO2 from industry

Following a brilliant career each on their own, they met on the benches of Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and created their company in November 2020, after five years of academic research. “We want to offer a solution for recycling and recovering CO2 and reinventing a chemistry that stems from this CO2 and not from oil,” explains Sarah Lamaison. Petroleum is made up of a very long carbon chain that we break to make new products. We do the reverse. We reinject energy into the CO2 to create other raw materials. »

Pre-industrial stage

Hosted within the Chem’Innov technology transfer platform at the University of Bordeaux, Dioxycle began by testing its technology in the laboratory, before moving to the pre-industrial stage at the start of the year, showing that it was possible to convert 10 kilos of CO2 per day, i.e. more than three tonnes per year. This will allow the young company to develop life-size prototypes on site.

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