Big rant from the host against a user of the San Francisco tram

Very active on social networks, Jean-Luc Reichmann never loses an opportunity to keep in touch with his fans. And even during the holidays. On a trip to the United States with his partner Nathalie Lecoultre, the famous host of “12 noon shots” continues the publications. The couple chose to travel the US roads on motorcycles. An experience that has earned them some misadventures. Especially at a gas station. ” More gasoline at the station. 108 degrees Fahrenheit about 42 degrees. The tar sinks under your soles. I have my feet and calves on fire with the furnace of the engine “, recently confided the star of TF1 on his account Instagram.

After criss-crossing Route 66, the duo headed for Death Valley before heading to Lake Tahoe, 1,897 meters above sea level. A destination that allowed our two lovebirds to cool off. ” Help, we lost 45°C!!! Climatic cataclysm “, launched Jean-Luc Reichmann in a story before posting a romantic photo of him in the company of his dear and tender. Indeed, this trip to the other side of the Atlantic is an opportunity for the host of his companion to get closer.

A romantic photo… Or not

For the past few days, the spouse of Nathalie Lecoultre has been sharing many romantic photos on the networks. Unfortunately, the latest was sadly ruined by a San Francisco subway rider. ” Are we talking about the turtle on the head of the girl behind in the tram for our romantic photo? … “wrote the presenter under his publication. While Jean-Luc Reichmann and his darling smile at the lens, a young woman wears a strange hat in the background. The star of “12 noon shots” definitely has a lot of humor!


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