Black weekend in the United States: a new shooting leaves three dead and 14 injured in Tennessee

At least six people have died and 25 others have been injured in two separate shootings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, police said Sunday.

Several shooters opened fire Saturday night around midnight local time on a busy Philadelphia street, killing two men and a woman, authorities said.

In another shooting that happened Sunday near a bar in Chattanooga, Tennessee, three people died and 14 others were injured.

Two of the victims died of gunshot wounds and another succumbed to her injuries after being hit by a vehicle as she tried to flee the scene.

These latest events come on top of recent shootings that left 36 people dead: 10 at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, 21 at an elementary school in Ulvade, Texas, and four others at a medical center. from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to the Gun Violence Archive research center, the United States has recorded 239 mass shootings since the beginning of the year.

In Philadelphia, the police noted the presence of “several active shooters who fired into the crowd”.

A policeman who was standing near one of them opened fire. The shooters were able to escape. Two handguns were found at the scene. No arrests were made immediately.

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney called the event “horrible, despicable and senseless”.

According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, those who died were ages 22, 27 and 34, while those injured were ages 17 to 69.

Several shooters were also present in Chattanooga, Tennessee, but authorities believe this is an isolated incident and there is currently no threat to public safety.

US President Joe Biden on Thursday urged Congress to ban assault rifles, tighten gun checks and put in place other controls to end mass killings in the country.

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