Brazil’s Communications Minister Defends Elon Musk’s Starlink Offering 300Mbps Connections

Monday June 20, 2022 (( – The Minister of Communications took part in a hearing in the Chamber of Deputies to clarify the alleged agreement with Starlink, but avoided detailing the partnership.

Fábio Faria, said that the connectivity provided by Starlink satellites has a higher speed than other companies, which suggests that they could be used to improve the quality of the Internet in various institutions in the country.

Faria addressed the issue during a hearing in the Chamber of Deputies on June 14. He was called in by four commissions to clarify the alleged deal with Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and owner of Starlink and Tesla, to connect schools in rural areas and monitor the Amazon.

He reaffirmed that until the end of this year, all schools in Brazil with electricity will be connected, thanks to an agreement with RNP and Viasat, in partnership with Telebras.

After that, the Ministry of Communications will focus on investing in schools without electricity and improving school connectivity, as there are educational institutions in the country with a connection speed of 1 Mbps, “very low “, he explained.

The minister also said companies that won the 4G auction in 2012 must connect rural schools to fourth-generation technology. “The only one that can do that is Starlink, via satellite. But it is the Anatel (National Communication Agency) which decides, and which rents the Internet for the schools it is the companies”.

Faria compared the internet speed provided by Starlink satellites with the speed of other companies. According to the minister, Starlink can offer 300 Mbps, while Viasat offers 30 Mbps, HughesNet 21 Mbps and geostationary defense and strategic communications satellite 20 Mbps.

Finally, he revealed that Starlink should connect part of the country’s schools to Brazil for free. “The folks at SpaceX said the day the portal opens, they’ll connect many schools and donate to the Brazilian government. »

Faria defended the company’s operations in the country, but did not detail any agreement with Musk to connect schools.

Amazon Monitoring

Regarding the monitoring of the Amazon, the minister indicated that Starlink will have 40,000 satellites in space, adding that “the only company that has a laser and detects the noise of the chainsaw is Starlink”. “If a businessman wants to grant a [surveillance] free in Brazil, will we refuse it? He said that today the Ministry of Justice pays 40 million reais a year to the company Planet to monitor deforestation in the region.

Congressman Iván Valente (Psol-SP) said that Brazil already has other systems that monitor the Amazon -including the National Institute for Space Research-, “there is no lack of information about the Amazon, there is a lack of supervision”

Source: DPL News

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