Have you lost your LUNA? Here are 3 cryptos to rebuild your fortune in 2022: Tron, StreamCoin, MANA

The Tron (TRX) with its new algorithmic stablecoin TRON inventor Justin Sun says his new stablecoin, USDD will not collapse like LUNA thanks to an “algorithmic stablecoin reserve mechanism”. In an interview with Zoom, he added: “ I still believe in algorithmic stablecoins. I don’t believe LUNA’s failure is because algorithmic stablecoins aren’t sustainable or … Read more

3 cryptocurrencies to buy now and keep in your Wallet for the long term: BNB, ETH and BTC

Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin is an essential cryptocurrency. We have seen 2nd and 3rd generation blockchains (Ethereum and Cardano). Despite this, Bitcoin has remained on top and is now seen as the benchmark cryptocurrency. the Bitcoin is considered safer than other cryptos. The BTC/USD pair fluctuates less than lower-valued tokens because it is used as a … Read more