Week of May 16, 2022

Offer valid for any new client in connection with the opening or transfer of an ordinary securities account and/or a PEA and/or a PEA-PME with a valuation of at least €100 at Bourse Direct with the price €0.99 (in effect at the time of opening), between 27/04/2022 and 16/05/2022. Offer reserved for the first 1,000 … Read more

The world of trading opens up to you

Lydia Solutions launches into Trading and offers access to new possibilities to its users. The music in the ad is “A Mistry Day” of Wild Child. The Lydia Solutions Trading campaign Launched in 2011, Lydia Solutions is a company specializing in mobile payment. With its application available for free download, it has greatly facilitated payments … Read more

Cac 40: three risks partly integrated… but to be dissipated, Index trading strategy

The Cac 40, like the other European indices, remains faced with three risks: inflation with the themes of monetary normalization, geopolitics with Ukraine and health with confinements in China. The most immediate risk remains that linked to geopolitics, with strong macroeconomic implications linked in particular to the prices and availability of raw materials, but also … Read more

The founder of the FTX trading platform bought a 7.6% stake in Robinhood. – Latest News

robinhooda platform known for offering commission-free investment services, surged after Sam Bankman FriedCEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTXtook a stake of 7% in the society. Like reports CNBCthe acquisition was confirmed Thursday in a filing with the Securities and Exchange United States Commission. robinhood as an attractive investment The actions of robinhood jumped 24-30% shortly after … Read more

What are Forex brokers used for?

Investing in the stock market is a way to diversify your investments in order to earn passive income. However, this is a sector in which risks are present. To make your capital profitable, you must have a certain amount of knowledge in the field. However, it is not necessary to master all the workings of … Read more

Goldman Sachs and Barclays invest in British crypto-trading platform Elwood

Banking giants Goldman Sachs and Britain’s Barclays have joined a $70 million Series A funding round for institutional crypto trading platform Elwood Technologies, founded by British billionaire hedge fund manager Alan Howard. German bank Commerzbank, cryptocurrency investment manager Galaxy Digital and Dawn Capital have joined the round, as reported by the Financial Times on May … Read more

High frequency trading: what is it?

In the era of machine learning, algorithms are tending to replace traders in the financial markets. Indeed, stock market players increasingly favor computer systems to place and execute orders. With high frequency trading, they have even removed the human factor from scalping. Transactions are thus carried out very quickly and automatically by dedicated software. What … Read more

Bitcoin mining and crypto trading: fraudulent offers are multiplying… but not for very long

Bitcoin mining represents a lucrative business in the world of cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, not all companies are as honest as they should be, but soon they will have to pay the price. A highly profitable activity: the example of MCC Following the meteoric rise of Bitcoin last month and the success of DOGE thanks to Elon … Read more