This Dutch doctor will continue to prescribe abortion pills to American women

Rebecca Gomperts, a 55-year-old Dutch doctor, has been working for years for access to abortion everywhere in the world. Made famous by her “abortion boat”, whose journey is traced in a documentary released in 2014 (“Vessel”), she offered women the possibility of medical abortions off the coast of Poland, the Spain, or Mexico, from international … Read more

new concessions are controversial in the United States

Published on 05/16/2022 22:44 FRANCE 2 Article written by C.Guttin, T.Donzel, K.Sullivan, A. Monange Camille Guttin – France 2 France Televisions Faced with the explosion in energy demand, the United States has decided to authorize new drilling. A decision far from unanimous… Researchers have identified 425 carbon bombs around the world. These are projects that … Read more

US re-establishes military presence in Somalia

LPresident Joe Biden has decided to re-establish a military presence in Somalia to fight Al-Qaeda-affiliated Al-Shabaab jihadists there, approving a request from the Pentagon which deemed the rotation system decided by Donald Trump at the end of his term too risky and ineffective. mandate. Joe Biden “approved a request from the Ministry of Defense to … Read more

The United States and the European Union want to strengthen their cooperation against Russia

In recent years, relations between the United States and the European Union (EU) have not been good. Far from it. After the Trump years, during which they deteriorated considerably, the arrival of Joe Biden in the White House did not, at first, completely reverse the trend, even if the Democratic president has a style less … Read more