CNP Assurances launches an innovative product and works alongside Crésus to combat the risk of over-indebtedness

Since June 1, 2022, CNP Assurances has been marketing two new EMTN (Euro Medium Term Note) products via its Amétis sales network to better diversify its savings, part of the commissions of which is dedicated to preventing the risk of over-indebtedness and paid to the Association for the Croesus Foundation.

The marketing by Amétis of these new offers, from June 2022, is disruptive and inclusive. Indeed, part of the distribution commissions is donated, under the patronage of CNP Assurances, to support the DILEMME project ( of the Association for the Crésus Foundation, an innovative budget and financial education program whose vocation is to change the relationship with money, to train responsible citizens as well as consumers equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to gain autonomy.

CNP Assurances’ support also takes the form of the participation of employees from the Amétis network who will be involved in this project of general interest in the region. On a voluntary basis, they will co-host workshops with Crésus to raise awareness among vulnerable populations about the world of finance and insurance.
Amétis, by donating part of the commissions on the marketing of these next EMTNs, could thus finance the organization of fifteen workshops.

In the inflationary context of rising prices, CNP Assurances is innovating alongside the historic player Crésus and its network of 30 associations recognized as being of public utility, to strengthen the prevention of the risk of over-indebtedness and to act through concrete actions (exchange of practices , technical support, training for volunteers and employees, etc.).
Through this project, in accordance with its raison d’être, the Group acts for an inclusive society and facilitates all life paths.

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