COVID-19 | More than 20% of countries require travel insurance

Some 43 countries still require COVID-19 travel insurance when entering their borders, a 26.5% increase in six months.

Posted at 2:47 p.m.

Marissa Groguhe

Marissa Groguhe
The Press

The Hellosafe digital platform has created an interactive map listing the countries in which travel insurance is compulsory. While it is possible to travel without this insurance in the majority of countries, the study reveals that in Europe, only Russia, Saint-Martin and Ukraine require it.

In Asia, about a third of the countries request insurance, including particularly tourist destinations, such as Thailand, the Maldives or Malaysia. Asian countries are the most affected in the world by this border requirement.

The measure is still in force in nearly 25% of American countries, notably in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Guatemala.

According to Hellosafe, these insurance decisions are likely to have an impact on tourism during the upcoming summer season.

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