Cryptocurrencies: the young generation is conquered and invests

81% of young people convinced

Finances have never been so accessible. Today with the help of a smartphone one can invest in all forms of digital values. Cryptocurrencies are one of them. Behind the curves, graphs and figures, the market for cryptocurrencies is actually easy to understand for generations who were born with digital. Young crypto investors already see digital wallets as the investment of the future. According to this survey, 81% of young people choose cryptocurrencies for their investment. They are even in the process of replacing the traditional savings account. For Philippe Crevel, director of Cercle de l’Epargne, “This young generation’s enthusiasm for cryptocurrencies makes perfect sense. Crypto investing is digital. This is something that is understood by younger savers. There is a transfree. Before, we let our money sleep on our savings book, today we hope to do a great operation through the roller coaster offered by bitcoins and all cryptocurrencies.” he said to the press.

The privileged bitcoin

In 2021, the ING barometer showed that young male investors say they are more inclined to bet on bitcoin. 20% of people under 45 have already bet on virtual currency. 20% of them said they had invested in bitcoin. The percentage even rises to 35% for people under 35 years of age. And among those under 35, 46% of them want to make investments in virtual currencies. Finally, 27% of investors surveyed believe that cryptocurrencies are the future of online commerce. This digital payment solution is preferred. If you want to buy and hold bitcoinyou need to go through an exchange platform.

Editor’s note: Cryptocurrency is subject to extremely high volatility. It is not regulated, which makes it a risky investment. Investing money also costs money. Any gains made in cryptocurrencies must be declared. Advertising content not binding on the editorial staff

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