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On this Tuesday, March 22, 2022, the German automotive industry is experiencing a major event… caused by an American neo-constructor! After investing 5 billion euros in its “Giga Berlin-Brandenburg”, its mega-factory in Grünheide located 50 km east of the German capital, Tesla has delivered to its customers its first thirty cars manufactured on the ground European. For the record, it is SUV Model Y in Performance version, the price of which is set at 66,990 euros in France.

To mark the occasion during this inauguration, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and Chancellor Olaf Scholz made the trip. Even if the American manufacturer had to delay the opening of its new site in the face of slow administrative procedures and complaints from environmental associations, the Minister of the Economy, Robert Habeck, believes that the installation of Tesla on its floor “shows that Germany should be the leading market for electromobility”.

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A capacity of 500,000 vehicles

tesla gigafactory berlin brandenburg
Eventually, the new Tesla factory in Berlin will be able to produce 500,000 cars a year.

Tesla received the final green light from German authorities on March 4 to begin production at its first factory in Europe. This is equivalent to eight months behind its original schedule. In the meantime, the manufacturer had to rely on its Chinese factory in Shanghai to meet European demand.

According to JPMorgan forecasts, the Tesla factory in Berlin will produce around 54,000 units in 2022, then 280,000 in 2023, before reaching its full capacity of 500,000 annual units in 2025. In addition, the plant is calibrated to generate 50 GWh of battery energy, more than all other battery production sites in Germany. Of the 12,000 employees planned in the long term, Tesla also indicates that it has already recruited 3,000.

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The replica of the Volkswagen group

tesla model y red
Customers were able to pick up the first thirty Tesla Model Y SUVs made in Europe.

Wounded in its pride, the German giant Volkswagen, which today holds 25% of the European electric car market against 13% for Tesla, recently announced the investment of 2 billion euros to accelerate on the EV. While the parent company of Audi, Skoda or Porsche has already received 95,000 orders for electric models since the start of the year, it intends to build a new factory for EVs in Wolfsburg, as well as six other factories dedicated to batteries in Europe. .

The Volkswagen group, world No. 2 behind Toyota, is however lagging on the calendar newcomer Tesla. Its first battery factory is due to be operational in 2023, while the entry into service of its electric car factory is scheduled for 2026.

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