Elon Musk dad of 7 children: a rare photo of the billionaire with his sons, to break the silence

Since June 21, Elon Musk has shown no sign of life on social networks, especially on his own, Twitter, which he recently bought for a staggering sum. That was before he published a rare snapshot of him and his sons, alongside Pope Francis, this Saturday, July 2. “Honored to have met @Pontifex yesterday“, he wrote in the caption, while he wore a costume that was both very chic and traditional for the occasion. A photo for the bit strange, especially since no detail or place of this meeting were communicated, not even by the Vatican.

Either way, the result is the same, and rather rare to report: lSouth African entrepreneur has just appeared with his children. Finally only four of them, since there are seven in total. The first five, who are twins and triplets, were born from his union with the Canadian novelist Justine Wilson, met on the benches from Queen’s University. Among them, we can notably find Vivian, who now wishes be identified as a woman and who had recently declared that he no longer wanted “be related to his biological father in some way”.

A drama and a buzz

Elon Musk’s last two children were born from his former relationship with Canadian singer Grimes (Claire Boucher of his real name). One of them had been the center of attention at the time of his birth since his father had decided to call him XAE A-12. which was not possible due to theban by the Californian jurisdiction on the use of digits in a first name. It was eventually renamed X AE A-XII.

Note that the entrepreneur behind Tesla also experienced a personal drama with his first wife since they lost their eldest son, who died after only ten weeks. He does not, however, have any children with his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, with whom he had a story in 2017 after the separation of the actress with Johnny Depp. No baby either actress Talulah Riley whom he married in 2010, two years after his divorce from Justine Wilson.

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