Elon Musk forced Tesla employees to stop working from home… He forgot he didn’t have offices for everyone

Elon Musk’s big fail

Elon Musk decided a few weeks ago that Tesla office workers could only telecommute if they spent at least 40 hours a week on company premises. Something that automatically put an end to remote work in the automotive company, after two years of teleworking following the Covid-19 pandemic.

What the entrepreneur who wants to buy Twitter did not foresee is that during these two years, the company has integrated new employees and that its workforce is considerably larger March 2020. Which meant that in some Tesla offices, employees found themselves without a workstation to work in or a parking lot to park their vehicles in, reports The Independent.

The most common complaint among Tesla workers who have had to return to the office is the lack of parking spaces. Once there, many also struggled to find a suitable place to work, as there were fewer desks than necessary. Finally, many of those who managed to settle say that the internet was so weak that it did not allow them to perform their tasks properly. The chaos was such that some bosses, against the orders of Elon Musk, were forced to send their employees home so that they could work in better conditions.

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Twice as many employees at Tesla in two years

According to data from Statista, in two years of the pandemic, Tesla would have doubled its workforce. In December 2019, it had 48,000 employees, a figure that in the same month of the following year rose to 99,000 workers. Many of them are operators for its growing network of gigafactories, but another significant portion are office workers who have largely telecommuted since joining the company.

Tesla’s offices, on the other hand, appear to have changed little – if at all – in the past two years because, among other things, there was no need to make changes, with many employees working remotely. The measure decreed by Elon Musk seems to have come as a surprise even to the company’s leaders, who did not have enough time to adapt the facilities to the new reality of their workforce.

War against telework

At the beginning of June, Elon Musk sent an internal communication to his employees, informing them that remote work was no longer considered acceptable in the company and that, to qualify, employees had to work at least 40 hours per week. in the office. Likewise, he showed the way out to those who disagreed with this order.

Unhappy, he also said on his Twitter account that workers who did not want to return to the office “should pretend to work somewhere else“, specifying that he considered telework to be unproductive.

This article was written in collaboration with Xataka, our Spanish colleagues.

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