Fiat-Chrysler pleads guilty in the United States and pays 300 million dollars

The Justice Department accused the group of misleading authorities and consumers by making false or misleading statements about the emissions control systems of more than 100,000 Jeep and Ram brand vehicles as well as emissions, fuel fuel efficiency and compliance with U.S. emission standards.

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Dieselgate: manufacturers face the risk of bursts of compensation

A decision by the Pau Court of Appeal, which ruled in favor of a couple from Oloronnais against Volkswagen, and the indictments of several manufacturers in the dieselgate affair are giving hope to the owners of the vehicles concerned. In the event of a correctional conviction, they could be compensated

“Put profits beyond the franchise”

FCA US has agreed to pay a criminal fine of $96 million and reimburse $204 million in earnings generated by this fraud. “Today’s guilty plea demonstrates the department’s commitment to prosecuting all types of corporate wrongdoing and to holding accountable companies that seek to put profits above candor, good governance and measures to redress the situation,” Kenneth Polite, deputy attorney general at the ministry, said in a statement.

Already more than half a billion dollars paid

The manufacturer had already agreed in early 2019 to pay up to $515 million to various US authorities in this case. The manufacturer had also undertaken to recall the affected cars to bring them up to standard. But this agreement did not lift the criminal charges.

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