Five sports trends from the United States to be “fit” before summer

To be “fit” for the summer, nothing better than practicing an American sport. Back from California, sports coach Anouk Garnier listed the activities, indoors and outdoors, popular with Americans to take care of their bodies, in the show Well done for you. Exercises that are therefore suitable for everyone, depending on where you live.

Very… motivating bike races

Indoors, the current trend is cycling. “It’s the bike races with music, lights and in the dark. People are in a trance, some cry sometimes, and you burn a lot of calories (…). It’s very inspiring, motivating with the screaming coach and the music”, explains Anouk Garnier at the microphone of Julia Vignali and Mélanie Gomez.

Sports sessions, recovery and nutrition in the same center

Across the Atlantic, we are also developing “personal training centers”. “There are coaches, but not only,” says the athlete. “There are also nutritionists, a physio or chiropractor, and you are fully supported. You take stock with the coach for your goals, and also with the chiropractor for the health aspect”, explains Anouk Garnier. “Everything is in the same place: you do your sports session, after there is recovery with massage, sauna and ice bath”, she underlines.

It is also possible to eat in these centers, with “balanced, healthy dishes, which are all ready for you”.

Health centers for athletes

The Americans have also created health centers. Anouk Garnier says more: “We do analyses, and we optimize everything, hormones, the level of vitamins, mineral salts… We recommend food supplements, and there are even small injections”, reveals the ‘coach. These “shots are supervised by health professionals”, she specifies.

The benefits of rollerblading

Outdoors, Anouk Garnier highlights running, but also the practice of rollerblading as in California. “It’s very interesting because it has no impact. If you don’t like running, or you’re afraid of impacts, it’s not bad. And it strengthens the glutes very well”, notes the sports coach.

Go on a hiking adventure

Another popular activity in the United States: hiking. Californians take advantage of the canyons two hours from Los Angeles to exercise, and many of them do it by running. “There are plenty of places to go for beautiful hikes”, assures the coach on Europe 1. But to try the adventure, you must first be very careful with your hydration. “Always plan more than you think,” she says.

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