Florida’s new electoral map, accused of racism, will apply in November

Florida’s new electoral map, one of the most contested in the United States, will come into force for the next midterm elections in November. This map drawn by the conservative Governor Ron DeSantis gives pride of place to the Republicans by reducing the seats of the Democrats and in particular those of African-Americans. Challenged in court by civil rights groups, it had been deemed unconstitutional at first instance, but the Florida Supreme Court refused this Thursday, June 2 to block it.

With our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

When voting for this new electoral map by the Florida Parliament in April, the African-American elected officials had started a sit-in in the middle of the hemicycle, denouncing in heart an attack by Republican Governor Ron DeSantis against the black vote. But that in vain.

It must be said that with its electoral redistricting, the seats of two elected African-Americans in the House of Representatives in Washington risk purely and simply disappearing. And with them, 30 years of efforts for better political representation of minorities in Florida.

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