Home insurance: how does it work?

What does home insurance cover?

The multi-risk home insurance aims to cover your home against all claims that may occur in your home. Here is the list of what can be considered sinister.

Glass breakage. This guarantee covers broken glass, glazing, glass, marble and other mirrors, as well as furniture (oven, TV screen, etc.).

Water damage. This guarantee covers damage resulting from water damage caused to your property and furniture, as a result of infiltration caused by rain, leaks, overflowing appliances, ruptured pipes, etc.

technological disasters. Triggered upon the publication of an order noting the state of technological disaster, this guarantee covers damage caused by an industrial installation (excluding nuclear), a sensitive site or the transport of dangerous products. Valid for sites subject to declaration or authorization and classified as “Seveso”.

Damage caused to others. This warranty protects you against the financial consequences of damage caused to third parties

Climatic events and natural disasters. This warranty covers damage caused by storms (winds over 100 km/h), the weight of snow, damage caused by hail, ice, etc. Note that the state of natural disaster is decreed by the publication of a ministerial decree published in the Official Journal.

Fires. This warranty covers damage caused by fire, explosions and implosions, lightning and damage caused by public service agents.

Thefts and acts of vandalism. This guarantee covers the destruction or deterioration of your movable property, their disappearance, following a break-in or an act of vandalism. Please note that this guarantee is subject to the protective measures imposed by the insurer (3-point lock, alarm, etc.). Invoices for goods may be requested.

Attacks and acts of terrorism. This concerns bodily injury as well as material property that has been damaged as a result of the consequences of recognized acts of this nature.

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