Houses, life insurance, works of art… the impressive heritage of presidential candidates

Since 2017, as the presidential election approaches, the candidates in the running go through the asset declaration box. 5 years ago, the suitors had already had to comply with the rule, but this year they also had to submit a declaration of interests and activities, under the law of moralization of public life of 2017. The candidates had to submit their declarations to the Constitutional Council before March 4, which is only responsible for recovering them, without carrying out any checks on them. The High Authority for Transparency in Public Life (HATVP) then hastened to put them online on Tuesday 8 March. After obtaining the 500 sponsorships, making this declaration public from the candidates was the sine qua non in order to be able to present themselves in the first round on April 10.

And the heritage of some is impressive! Between luxurious apartments in the heart of Paris, choice works of art or even relatively inflated bank accounts, the majority of candidates are at the head of a nice little capital, built up over the years. If the posting of the patrimonial situation of the candidates highlights the goods and investments which they have, the declaration of interests and activity, it makes it possible to make public the income which they drew from their professional activity. . And here too, some candidates have received great benefits. Just look at the jackpot amassed by √Čric Zemmour through the Rubembr√© publishing house, responsible for publishing his works.

To find the entire heritage of the presidential candidates, browse the slideshow by clicking on this link

From the most modest to the most impressive, discover through this slideshow the net assets (exempt from debts and taxes) of the presidential candidates.

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