How do I get multiple auto insurance quotes?

What is car insurance?

Po travel with your vehicle, it is compulsory to insure it with an insurance company. Auto insurance covers bodily injury and/or material damage that your vehicle is likely to cause to others. In addition, depending on the formula you have chosen, it can also cover your own bodily injury and your vehicle.

Three types of car insurance contracts exist in France:

  • Third-party insurance, the legal minimum.
  • Third-party insurance enriched with specific clauses.
  • All-risk insurance, the most complete formula.

Driving an uninsured car is punishable by a heavy fine, or even confiscation of the vehicle or withdrawal of license. You can carry out a free simulation of the main insurers’ offers according to the type of formula (third-party or all-risk), on the car insurance comparator

What is the Auto Quote?

The car insurance quote is an essential element to be able to compare all the offers on the French market. This document summarizes the essential information to take into account: the type of insurance, the cost of the deductibles, the insurance premium, the guarantees and the additional options.

What are the advantages of the auto quote?

It is essential to request this informative document before signing a contract with an insurance company. Free, simple and practical, it allows you to compare the offers offered by the different organisations. It is also essential to determine your daily needs in terms of protection. By obtaining several quotes, you can compete in order to benefit from a personalized formula that suits your budget.

This document is also very useful for renegotiating your current insurance contract. The insurance contract is taken out for one year, renewable by tacit agreement. To lower the price of your contributions or benefit from additional guarantees, you can present your insurer with a competitor’s quote. Indeed, either your insurer aligns or you part with it as authorized by the Hamon law.

How to get a quote to protect your vehicle?

Online insurance comparators are the perfect accomplices to quickly obtain quotes adapted to your profile. To request this document, you must have several pieces of information at hand: the type and brand of your vehicle, the registration document, the type of fuel, the number of kilometers traveled on average, your address, the utility of your car and your information statement. All of these elements are essential to assess the amount of your annual contributions.

In order to benefit from the best prices, it is important to provide valid information. The price indicated on auto insurance quotes varies according to two criteria: the driver and the vehicle. To choose the contract that best suits your needs, it is important to monitor the following points: Assistance, insurance formula, deductibles, guarantees excluded and included, level of cover in the event of a claim and prices .

Thanks to all the elements described on your quotes, you can quickly and free determine which insurance to choose. With the new comparator, you can obtain free prices for the best car insurance contracts of the moment.

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