Information technology: making Africa a digital single market

In his remarks, the President of the Smart Africa Alliance, Congolese Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, Léon Juste Ibombo, said that the transformation of Africa into a single single market requires the construction of resilient and sustainable digital infrastructures; the establishment of agile policies and a harmonized environment to attract investors as well as the acceleration of the inclusive adoption of services and public goods through technology.

Indeed, the vision of the said organization is to transform Africa into a single digital market and to promote Africa’s digital transformation agenda through an ambitious and innovative approach.“…The major challenges of Smart Africa to be met for the development of our continent require us to innovate, invent, readjust if possible and continue to play a digital role on the continental scene. “said Minister Léon Juste Ibombo.

He, on the same occasion, notified that the holding of the meeting of ministers which takes place in a context of financial, health and war crisis in Ukraine should be seized as an opportunity to work and interact with a view to accelerating the advancing technology adoption across Africa. He therefore invited other African states to join the organization for a better digital transformation of the continent and to build a common destiny through the mutual dependence of countries. “Our organization currently includes thirty-two States. This demonstrates that the vision of a single digital market is being shaped by African countries themselves,” he rejoiced.

“…We also need to accelerate digital commerce and services to foster technology-driven entrepreneurship and pay particular attention to data infrastructure, governance and privacy,” added the minister.

Note that the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers in charge of ICT comes after the one held in Brazzaville last February. It also coincides with the World Telecommunication Development Conference organized by the International Telecommunication Union.

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