Laayoune: men and women, they are trained in the professions of deep sea fishing, they testify

By Hamdi Yara on 06/12/2022 at 5:11 p.m.

The training provided by the Institute of Maritime Fisheries Technology (ITPM) in Laâyoune makes it possible to meet the employment and management needs of the maritime fishing fleet.

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In Laâyoune, no less than 460 trainee students each year benefit from qualifying training at the Institute of Maritime Fisheries Technology (ITPM). Tailor-made learning combining both theory and practice, to prepare maritime fishing professionals to face the sea. Guided visit to this institute.

Created in 1984 in Laâyoune city, and transferred in 2001 to Laâyoune Port, the Institute of Maritime Fisheries Technology (ITPM) is part of the development of fishing activities in the Southern Provinces of the Kingdom, in order to meet employment and management needs of the maritime fishing fleet.

The institute thus ensures the training of technicians intended for the various branches of the activity of maritime fishing, while giving the possibility to active sailors to improve their skills and to participate in continuing education sessions.

Le360 was able to meet student trainees who are preparing to graduate at the end of the year, all eager to be able to venture into the ocean in complete safety thanks to the training they have received.

“I am very satisfied with my two years of training, which combined both theory and practice, in particular thanks to the latest simulation technologies made available to us, particularly in the fields of fishing, commercial maritime navigation and logistics”, confides, interviewed by Le360, Hassan, a final year student at ITPM.

Afaf, a student also met at the ITMP, indicated that thanks to the training offered today by the institute, maritime fishing professions were no longer reserved for men, and said she was ready to go to the high seas. upon graduation.

By Hamdi Yara


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