Leocare: five years of propulsion

Leocare stands out today as the most advanced neo-insurance on the market. Since its first client in 2018, the platform has continued to grow. It now has more than 100,000 customers and has passed the 600,000 download mark, making it one of the most downloaded insurance applications in France. It is now recording monthly growth of 30%, for a turnover of 85 million euros expected in 2022. finally, the young shoot has raised a total of more than 133 million dollars (118.2 million euros ) in 2021 alone.

A real nugget made in France, Leocare is also the first start-up to have received the “Service France Garanti” certification, which promotes 100% French-origin services, and the only neo-insurance to have joined the class of 2022 from French Tech. 120. Commenting on this development, Christophe Dandois, co-founder and CEO of Leocare, states: “In less than 5 years, Leocare has established itself as the French leader in mobile insurance. At each stage of our development, we have demonstrated our ability to grow, innovate and anchor our brand in the daily lives of French people. But this is only the beginning ! Between 2019 and 2022, we have gone from 1 to 85 million euros in turnover, and we are aiming for one billion by 2026, with a target of 2 million customers not only in France but also in Europe. We are going to start our expansion beyond French borders this year in Spain. »

Leocare’s recipe for success can be summed up in 3 words: simplicity, flexibility, proximity. The mission: to use technology to take care of its policyholders, and thus invent insurance in tune with our times. Insurance that allows you to group all your contracts on a single application while providing protection and prevention:

  • Protection: offer the best protection-price ratio with a customizable offer at any time, in complete autonomy. During the first confinement, it was for example possible to lower the level of guarantee of your car insurance for the entire period of non-use of the vehicle.
  • Prevention: Leocare supports its users on a daily basis with prevention services. This is normally the case with TakeCare. The objective: to use technology to inform drivers in real time of the many risks they may encounter on their journey. Thanks to a prevention algorithm that combines the power of artificial intelligence with more than 60 data sources, TakeCare predicts the risks on the driver’s road by crossing thousands of data and alerts it using a notification. vocal.
    It is not a question of using technology for technology’s sake, but of putting it at the service of policyholders, in order to (re)give meaning to the budget they devote to the protection of their homes and their property.

Another advantage for policyholders, Leocare strives to provide them with appropriate support, in real time, through personalized services and ongoing dialogue with “LeoAdvisors”. Proof among others of the quality of the services offered, Leocare receives an average score of 4.6 out of 5 in the stores. The last goes to Christophe Dandois for whom “Leocare’s strength is to adapt to a demanding consumer, expecting maximum comfort and flexibility in their daily lives. Via a simple smartphone, our challenge was to deliver an optimal customer experience and adequate services. Thanks to advanced technologies, Leocare is able to meet the new expectations of consumers to become part of their daily lives. We have created a new vision of insurance, that of having all the insurance for your family in the same place, in your pocket, with the possibility of modulating your guarantees freely according to your needs. »

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