Magna “Breakthrough Lightning”: the luminous bodywork

Written by Frédéric Kevers on

With its “Breakthrough Lighting” technology, the equipment manufacturer Magna proposes to transform bodywork panels into an animated luminous element.

Summary :

Magna has developed “Breakthrough Lighting” technology which transforms the tailgate of a car into an animated light panel to turn it into a lighting element. This innovation allows illuminated displays and lighting technology to be integrated directly into the body panel, providing greater freedom in styling and light animation. In addition to the playful aspect of this technology, applications in terms of security and communication are of real interest.

Form and function

In concrete terms, Magna’s “Breakthrough Lighting” technology is integrated into the material (body panel for example) in transparency and only becomes visible when switched on. It can therefore be molded directly into the shape of the body through the use of thermoplastic materials and offers greater – almost limitless – freedom in terms of shape and colors for lighting. This optimized integration should also have an impact on the cost of production.

But if the designers will not fail to be seduced by this new “Breakthrough Lighting” technology allowing them to widen the possibilities of play on the luminous forms to create the visual signature of the vehicles, the designers of assisted or autonomous driving systems could exploit technology for purposes of communication with the immediate environment of the vehicle by taking advantage of the large surface area and the possibilities of colors to disseminate safety-related information to other road users. And these applications should not take long to appear on the market since Magna announces the start of production of the “Breakthrough Lighting” technology from 2023.

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