Mica and TFR, two texts at the heart of European debates – Liberation


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After a black Monday in the market which saw the price of bitcoin fall, the European Parliament has again battled over the regulation of cryptocurrencies. “Libé” takes stock of the measures that divide elected officials and the crypto community.

Petitions, press releases and even aggressive campaigning on social networks… For months, MEPs and cryptocurrency lovers have been clashing. At the heart of the tensions, two texts aimed at regulating these digital currencies: the Markets in Crypto-Assets (Mica) dedicated to the regulation of market players and the Transfer of Funds Regulation (TFR) fighting against money laundering. After being adopted by MEPs, the second was discussed on Tuesday between Parliament, the Council and the Commission. New exchanges are now scheduled for June 29 on the text, the entry into force of which is “expected” for 2023. The opportunity for Freed to come back to the most discussed measures.

Mica: targeting players in the sector

MEPs like to repeat it: Mica would put an end to the “Far west” cryptocurrencies. Coinbase, Ledger, Binance… Since the creation of the blockchain in 2008, crypto companies have multiplied. Without really being regulated. In France, where 8% of citizens hold a crypto wallet (according to a study by the Association for the Development of Digital Assets and the firm KPMG), only the Pacte law of 20…


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