Namur: Biotopia, an exhibition at the crossroads of nature and technology (photos and video)

Until November 27, Biotopia – Living with the living questions the relationship of our human world full of knowledge and technologies with the rest of the living population of the planet. Three major lessons to remember, according to the curator of the exhibition, Marie du Chastel: technology can be an ally of the living and not its enemy; the living world is predisposed to live in symbiosis more than in conflict; nature has a lot to teach us. The exhibition is divided into three sections. Here is in a nutshell what you can discover there.

1. The art exhibition The artists question: is man really the smartest? Not really, to see how he ultimately has little control over his little world. A spectacular light sculpture illustrates how the root systems of trees communicate, exchange information and nutrients; a monumental painting comes to life thanks to the versatility of the pigments used, sensitive to light, humidity and CO2 levels; a specialized microphone picks up the sounds emitted by a well-organized community of worms busy degrading a piece of wood; a complex installation records and synthesizes the scent of a tree…

2. The Playground It is a question here of having fun, exploring and interacting, in a playful way, with the themes of the exhibition. With a gesture, you can generate a sunset on a giant screen, animate the growth of a forest, double its shadow with that of an animal, make an imaginary creature dance on paper. For children, and adults who have remained so.

3. The Lab It is here that innovation inspired by life meets the interests of the company, through biomimicry or biomaterials. Like this stool made of olive pits, this ashtray made of mushrooms capable of digesting cigarette butts, these splendid plates inspired by the iridescence of insects, this high-performance hot water bottle whose structure copies that of a seashell, this powered lamp by the energy of a colony of micro-algae…

We advise you to call on the mediators present on site or even to book a guided tour in order to better understand the challenges of this exhibition, which will only then reveal its full potential. The curious will come out edified and delighted.


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