Niji, the new generation consulting agency

From idea to reality“, such is Niji’s creed, since its creation in 2001. Originally a small agency, the group now has 1,040 employees (including 130 creatives and 550 developers) and is present in six French cities as well as in Singapore. Hybrid, Niji combines, in the same value chain, digital strategy consulting, engineering and technological consulting, service design as well as software development. Since its creation, l’Ovni has multiplied its turnover by fifteen in fifteen year.

Three in one

When other firms or agencies seek the winning model through external growth operations in order to expand their expertise, Niji has chosen to integrate, from the outset, the dimensions of consulting, design and technology. “We have never bought a company, never raised funds, but we are growing at our own pace. We are neither too big nor too small, which allows us to keep close but also to respond to big projects”assures Hugues Meili founder and leader of the group which counts among its customers behemoths like EDF, Alstom, SNCF or Orange.

This 100% organic development guarantees the homogeneity and proper integration of each expertise. The added value lies in its ability to support its customers from start to finish: from the implementation of the strategy, the definition of the experience to its technological implementation in often complex environments. Since 2019, the company has completed its offer by developing so-called agency expertise, in order to provide more comprehensive support to its clientele made up of large international and national groups, ETIs and SMEs in the territories in which it is established.

“We have never bought companies, never raised funds. We grow at our own pace”

Employer brand and CSR strategy

To attract talent, the Rennes company relies on its strong and authentic values, on the variety of sectors and missions as well as on its regional location with offices located in six French cities, near multimodal nodes and therefore easily accessible without a car. “We support mobility. It is a real fuel in the operation of the company. Many of our consultants started their career in our Paris office and wished, at some pointof their lives, moving to the regions to improve the quality of life”, rejoices Hugues Meili. The company has also changed its policy in terms of teleworking. company he heads, “CSR is not bullshit!”, explaining that the strategy was entirely co-constructed with the employees so that they are fully concerned and embarked on the adventure. The CSR approach can be summed up as follows: “Contribute to the development of companies, talents and territories through useful digital technology.”


To meet the needs and expectations of its customers, Niji invests in a number of areas such as cybersecurity. Announced last March, the offer Imineti by Niji aims to complete the company’s value proposition with a pragmatic and integrated approach to cybersecurity at the service of large groups, ETIs and SMEs in the region. Original brand for the world of cybersecurity, Imineti means “trust” in Telugu, a language spoken in southern India. This new offer covers the following areas: organization and architecture audit (ISO 27001 internal audit, search for vulnerabilities), crisis management (situation, incident response), governance (prevention and management of risks), certification and qualification. Niji intends to offer pragmatic and highly integrated solutions to the operational functioning of companies. At the head of this offer, HervĂ© Troalic, a recognized expert on the market who joined the Breton group in January 2021. His cybersecurity team has 30 consultants and experts spread over all the French sites and recruitment is still in progress. “Twenty years after our beginnings, we are still in an intrapreneurial logic. This testifies to our tireless desire to develop the company in a sustainable way, to serve our customers with a value proposition that is ever more in line with their highest priority expectations and to create sustainable jobs in the territories in which we are established”said Hugues Meili at the launch of this new offer.

The offer Imineti by Niji has been led by Hervé Troalic since January 2021

“The current health and economic crisis has profoundly changed the way companies operate, increasing the risk linked to cybersecurity. With such an offer complementary to our historical businesses, we want to support this transformation but also to further differentiate ourselves. ESNs present on the market.” Other areas of diversification for Niji: responsible digital (green IT, sustainable Design, eco-design), data (security and governance), the cloud (cloudification of infrastructures), Salesforce (maintain its high level of expertise, strengthen its proximity with publisher) and the certification of its experts (to date: 180 certifications). Last major challenge for the company: to strengthen and expand its positions in industry, a sector far removed from consumers and services. “As Niji has a very structured experience in the service universe, we want to bring the end user closer to the industrial world”explains Hugues Meili before recalling that “the digital revolution took place in the street, was shaped over the years and evolved according to usage. This revolution is now happening in the industry and it must be able to understand the expectations of end users.” Entering the industrial consulting market will allow Niji to officially play in the big leagues.

Anne Sophie David

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