Orange deploys 5G in Louviers, Le Vaudreuil and Incarville

The 5G network allows a myriad of digital uses, but the electricity consumption is greatly increased. ©AdobeStock – Yingyaipumi

The 5G promises are numerous. Watch videos or movies in ultra high definition in 4K (an image definition greater than or equal to 3,840 pixels wide), telecommute by videoconference without sound or image latency, download data in a very short time, watching movies or playing video games in streaming in 4Ketc.

More broadly, telephone operators are also highlighting telemedicine and the future promise of autonomous vehicles.

The French incumbent operator Orange deploys this technology in Louviers, Vaudreuil and Incarville (Eure). In other words, in the urban strip of the Seine-Eure Agglomeration. Val-de-Reuil, on the other hand, is not currently affected.

Plan, subscription and technology

It is actually a official launch, followed by a communication from Orange. Indeed, users who have both a phone compatible with 5G as well as the specific subscription (therefore more expensive) that goes with it, have already been able to benefit from it for some time.

At Orange, we announce a covered city when at least more than 80% of the population can benefit from it

Orange Normandy

5G in these three communes of the Seine-Eure Agglomeration will be offered to a3.5 Ghz (gigahertz) frequency. In other words, the maximum flow allowed of this technology which starts at 700 Mhz and goes up to 3.5 Ghz.

To deploy 5G in Eure, Orange is installing relay antennas compatible with this technology. © Estelle Poulalion

For example, Orange carried out a speed test during the deployment of 5 G 3.5 Hz in Vernon last month and got these numbers: response time of 14 milliseconds, download speed (thus downloads) of 1 Gb per second and upload speed (therefore sending data) at 122.8 Mb per second.

Nowadays, nine municipalities in Eure take full advantage of 5G : Évreux, Angerville-la-Campagne, Fauville, Vernon, Saint-Marcel, Beuzeville, Louviers, Le Vaudreuil and Incarville. To do this, Orange deploys 5G relay antennas in order to gradually cover the whole territory. But the road is long, because many rural municipalities already have difficulties in capturing 3G and 4G. So 5G….

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