Pentagon tests cutting-edge technology to shoot down drones

The Pentagon recently completed testing of a high-powered radio technology called the Epirus system, which has the ability to disable multiple drones at once, according to a Defense News report published Wednesday.

The organization has successfully carried out three demonstrations of this new drone-killing technology.

Drones have been widely used in warfare scenarios

In times of war, countries have unveiled some of the technology and artillery they possess. As for this overpowered technology, which aims to shoot down drones if they pose a threat, this is not the first time that the Pentagon has tested this type of technology. Last year, it had already carried out tests to validate the precision of the technology as well as its effectiveness.

As we know, drones have been widely used in war scenarios. For example, for reconnaissance and troop deployment, Ukraine uses the Turkish Bayraktar TB2. Russia, on the other hand, uses Kalashnikov Kalashnikov drones, oddly made by the Kalashnikov company.

As for the system of the United States of America, the operation of this defensive system is due to different electromagnetic pulses from the ground to the destination.

In the tests carried out now, different groups of drones were used: those of group 1 weighing 9 kilos; group 2, between 9.5 and 25 kilos, and group 3, between 25 and 600 kilos.

Different systems were used to shoot down the drones: Leonardo DRS, Epirus and Raytheon. The most relentless system to date remains Raytheon.

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