Penthouse NFT Exclusive: The mint is approaching, the candidates are jostling

On Saturday June 18, the platform specializing in high-end NFTs Exclusible is launching the sale of its new project: “Luxury Penthouse”. Non-fungible tokens with remarkable capabilities. Indeed, they will open the doors to a unique metaverse where social and commercial interactions will naturally take on a whole new dimension. Well beyond the simple digital work, these apartments of a new kind are already the object of the desires of a large and informed public. Why such an interest ? The explanation is not as irrational as one might think.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Exclusible.

A second home in the virtual for a very real social activity

The “Luxury Penthouses” are Exclusible’s latest metaverse real estate project. Living spaces extending over 500 m². They can accommodate up to 50 guests at the same time. Meetings, social events, business activities, they offer a luxurious and interactive setting whose happy owners will have total control. Exceptional real estate that can be decorated with 3D objects, visuals in JPG format but also NFT collections, exhibited like so many works of art. The biggest brands are preparing to create virtual offices there. If you wish, you can imitate them and conduct your business from the metaverse.

But if you have other plans, your apartment will turn into a unique and private social experience. Everything is planned so that you can organize all kinds of happenings. For example, the projection room can broadcast films, games, corporate presentations… Whether your view overlooks Paris, Miami, Vegas, Dubai or New Caledonia, you will have in your hands a luxurious tool with many attributes which will allow you to organize large parties or even replace traditional conferencing tools such as Zoom, Twitter Spaces or Teams. If you add AR/VR compatibility to push the immersion to its climax, the possibilities are almost limitless.

Exclusible announces the mint of its NFT Penthouses

On June 18, the new NFT Exclusible auction will be launched, and it will go very quickly…

5000 real estate lots in NFT format will therefore be minted on this date. To participate, you must have been register on the waiting list. And as often in prestige sales, there won’t be enough for everyone. At this time, more than 27,000 people have registered to try to obtain the precious sesame. The icing on the cake, the happy owners who collect the 5 penthouses from the 5 destinations will then receive a very special exclusive digital gift. A principle reminiscent of the first Exclusive sale. 3000 “Alpha” NFTs divided into 4 categories sold in 48 hours. Owning the 4 different NFTs gave the right to a fifth “THEIA” token offered. A gift that is currently reselling more than 3 ethereums each.

Exclusible poses today as master of ceremonies. Indeed, since its creation in 2021, the platform specializing in NFTs became the benchmark for digital luxury. The gateway that the biggest names take when it comes to gaining a foothold in a digital world. They hope to develop their brand there and conquer a new audience with a singular and very demanding profile. In view of the previous campaigns conducted by Exclusible, all sold-out in less than 4 days, we can say that the bet of excellence and credibility has clearly been won for the market place. An approach that has captured the interest of a close-knit and very active community on the project’s discord server currently counting almost 100,000 members.

For the NFT penthouse project, exclusible has planned a mint that takes into account user loyalty
The schedule of the mint NFT planned to generate the Exclusible penthouses

The world is going digital at high speed. More and more players want their share of the metaverse. Whether individuals or professionals, buyers or sellers, the digital world has become a tangible reality that can offer an extraordinary social experience. It is not surprising that an equally extraordinary audience is strongly represented among investors and users of these high value-added digital universes. Just look at the phenomenon Bored Ape Yacht Club to be convinced. Luxury, metaverses and NFTs are made for each other, and more so.

“Luxury brands have long mastered the art of making objects desirable. NFTs offer the possibility of pushing the limits of creativity. Brands and designers who can create value and substance in a purely digital world, and make meaningful connections to these communities, will have a head start in the nascent metaverse economy. At Exclusible, we help brands crack this code.”

Olivier Moingeon, Chief Commercial Officer at Exclusible

Make no mistake about it, owning one of the 5000 bundles will propel you far beyond the simple pleasure of adding non-fungible tokens to your collection. Owning the keys to a penthouse will be the starting point for a whole new, rich and immersive living experience. A golden ticket that will open the doors to your new life, in addition to representing an investment in the future. Will you be one of the happy few? See you on June 18.

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