private plane flies over Biden’s beach house, triggers security procedure

The aircraft, which took the wrong route, was immediately escorted out of the restricted airspace. Its pilot will be interrogated.

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Whoops. A private plane entered “by mistake” in the airspace above the beach house where Joe Biden spends the weekend, a White House official said Saturday, June 4, adding that it was not “not from an attack”.

“A precautionary measure has been taken”, he added, however. The president and his wife Jill Biden were briefly evacuated before returning to their residence in the seaside resort of Rehoboth, located just under 200 km east of Washington. “They are safe”still according to this official who did not wish to be quoted.

According to the Secret Service, which manages the president’s security, the device has “immediately escorted” outside restricted airspace. “An initial investigation shows that the pilot was not using the correct radio channel”, “didn’t respect” the instructions issued by the authorities and “did not follow the advertised route”it is specified. “The Secret Service will question the pilot”the statement concludes.

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