Purchasing power, war in Ukraine, crop insurance, attacks of November 13… News for Wednesday June 8

Faced with galloping inflation and a decline in purchasing power, the government offers aid in several forms. Here is all the measures decided to date.

– War in Ukraine: Zelensky promises a “heroic defense” in Severodonetsk, the point this Wednesday morning

While intense fighting continues for the Donbass, at the cost of very high human losses, the diplomatic ballet continues to resolve the problem of the blockage of Ukrainian cereals.

– Harvest insurance: “We don’t find ourselves there”, testify two winegrowers

Both victims of hailstorms last weekend, two winegrowers from the Gers explain why they are not convinced by crop insurance.

– Trial of the attacks of November 13: the hour of the indictment

After nine months of hearing, place to the requisitions in the trial of the attacks of November 13, which judges in Paris Salah Abdeslam and 19 co-accused for a night of horror which left 130 dead.

– Video. a suspension bridge collapses during its inauguration in Mexico

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