Puy du Fou: the show in the United States will be organized with the Cherokee Indians

Puy du Fou continues its international expansion. The company that manages the Vendée amusement park will soon offer an “immersive” performance in the United States, paying tribute to the indigenous Cherokee people, reports BFMTV, this Tuesday, June 7. A thematic show centered around the history of the great Native American tribe will soon be launched across the Atlantic.

Scheduled for 2024, the show will be staged in the state of Tennessee, cradle of the Cherokees, within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the first American national park which welcomes more than 12 million visitors each year. The collaboration was initiated by Cherokee representatives, who are making an investment of “several tens of millions of dollars”, specifies Nicolas de Villiers, president of Puy du Fou.

“Our partner in the United States is the Eastern Cherokees. And it is with them that we have formed a partnership because they asked us to. And it is true that in the United States , we had looked at whether partners could be compatible with who we are and the Cherokees reached out to us and offered to put on a great show on American soil”, explains the president of the Vendée park.

A tribute to the Cherokee soldiers of the Great War

As announced on the theme park’s blog, the staging will focus more specifically on “the story of the Cherokees who, in 1917, voluntarily enlisted in the First World War, as a cry of love to America. “, detailed Nicolas de Villiers. Spectators will follow, through an “immersive” performance, the journey of a young Cherokee man, from the American Appalachians to the battlefields of Champagne in France. You should know that the Cherokee soldiers were represented in number among the 17,000 Amerindians who fought under the star-spangled banner during the Great War.

With this new show, Puy du Fou continues its international development. It has already supported the creation of performances in the Netherlands and Great Britain and opened its first foreign park in Spain in 2021.

Philippe de Villiers, whose son now runs the Vendée amusement park, imagined the artistic concept of Puy du Fou in the late 1970s. In forty years, the park has become an international reference in terms of leisure complex, going beyond its historical theme. The large park works like a time machine, taking the public from the Middle Ages to the Second World War, to make them live grandiose adventures.

After the United States, the group will tackle China by opening a site in Shanghai in 2025 and should continue its offensive. “We clearly have the objective of creating two other Puy du Fou in the world by 2030, this objective we will keep it”, announces Nicolas de Villiers.

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