SamBoat sets sail for the United States

The United States is the largest yachting market in the world. 87.3 million Americans practice water sports.

Paradoxically, there are few established boat rental platforms. SamBoat sees this as a sign to conquer this new and promising market.

With 200 boats present on its US website for a start-up including 130 in Florida, SamBoat aims to offer a fleet of more than 2,000 boats by 2023.

To do this, the company recruits a United States Director, Sarah Briquet. Graduated with a master’s degree in marketing from Inseec Business School, she started her career in digital between France and the United States, and took the reins of SamBoat US.

SamBoat, the “airbnb for boats”sees the big picture and wants to settle permanently with Uncle Sam by becoming the world reference in online boat rental.

With a coastline of almost 2000 km, more than 4,500 surrounding islands and lakes as far as the eye can seeFlorida is the state of choice for boating.


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