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The Odyssey Neo G8 features an ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate with Quantum Mini LED technology

Samsung, a global leader in the gaming monitor industry, has announced the worldwide release of the 2022 Odyssey G85NB, G75NB and G40B line of gaming monitors next month. Samsung reinforces the Odyssey’s leading position in the market by offering the most immersive and realistic gaming experience available today. The G85NB, the world’s first 4K 240Hz gaming monitor, comes in a 32-inch form factor, delivering super-realistic picture quality, fast response times, and class-leading performance.

“It’s fantastic that we at Samsung can once again offer gamers around the world new possibilities with the fastest 4K gaming monitor available,” said Evert Van Camp, Display Director at Samsung Benelux. “Gamers need that ultimate immersive experience and the Odyssey delivers those superior features and lifelike picture quality. »

Odyssey Neo G8 (G85NB) – Unparalleled speed and resolution

The new 32-inch Odyssey Neo G8 is the world’s first and fastest monitor to combine a 4K (3840 x 2160) 1000R curved VA panel with Quantum Matrix technology, with an ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate and a response time of 1 ms (GtG[1]). 4K resolution is also supported by a color gamut of up to 95% of the DCI-P3 color gamut. The design of the Neo G8 was inspired by the iconic styling of the Odyssey Neo G9, combining a clean, simple look with a host of premium gaming performance features.

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology, combined with an exceptional refresh rate and ultra-fast response time will allow you to get the most out of your gaming experience. The Neo G8 also uses Quantum Mini LED technology so that dark scenes and light are rendered exactly as they were imagined by their creators. Plus, Quantum HDR 2000, which delivers 2,000 nits peak brightness and a million-to-one static contrast ratio, brings out the finest details for unparalleled immersion.

CoreSync backlighting further enhances your experience and immerses you in your game.

But that’s not all. The monitor is equipped with a new display technology called Matte Display, guaranteeing anti-glare and anti-reflective protection. Additionally, the monitor features a height-adjustable stand (HAS), as well as swivel and tilt functions for ergonomic efficiency and Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) compliant mounting.

The G85NB was recently named first in the Gaming category of the CES 2022 Best of Innovation, as well as a winner of the CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree, also in the Gaming category.

Odyssey Neo G7 (G75NB) – Immersion in high-end Mini-LED technology

Samsung is expanding its lineup of Odyssey gaming monitors with the new Odyssey Neo G7, a 32-inch 4K (3840 x 2160) monitor featuring a 1000R curved VA panel, 165Hz refresh rate, and a 1ms (GtG) response time for premium gaming performance.

This performance is backed by many of the same features as the Odyssey Neo G8 model, including AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Quantum Mini LED and Quantum HDR 2000 technologies with 2,000 nits peak brightness and 2000 nits static contrast ratio. a million to one. The result: superior immersion that immerses you in the virtual world of any game.

This deep immersion is reinforced by the CoreSync lighting present on the back of the monitor. It brings content to life with bright, vibrant colors that create even more memorable experiences.

The ergonomic stand, in addition to the Auto Source Switch+ function, allows you to use the monitor with maximum comfort. You can also access your content faster, without having to cycle through multiple inputs, by simply turning on the PC and the monitor instantly recognizes the source and switches between inputs.

Odyssey G4 (G40B) – A dfuturistic design with essential gaming features

The G40B is a monitor with all the important gaming features in a futuristic design. Available in 25 and 27 inches, the G4, offers Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, ultra-fast 240Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (GtG), IPS panel with wide viewing angle vision and HDR10 support for a high-level gaming experience. All this is enhanced by AMD FreeSync Premium and G-SYNC compatibility, which ensures a smooth gaming experience. You can swivel and tilt the monitor exactly as you want.

The Samsung Odyssey G85NB, G75NB and G40B gaming monitors will be available worldwide from July. The G85NB will be at the recommended price of €1,499, the G75NB at the recommended price of €1,299 and the G40B at the recommended price of €349 for a 25 inch and €399 for a 27 inch. For more information, please visit

[1] Gray to Gray. It’s about a unit of measurement of pixel speed. Used to measure the response time of gaming monitors.

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