savings solutions now open to everyone

Thanks to the digitization and democratization of the profession, the wealth management firm of the Euodia Group intends to demonstrate that investment and savings solutions are no longer only reserved for a restricted elite. The company thus offers many digital tools allowing you to view and manage your assets easily, and in a few clicks.

Savings solutions adapted to all portfolios

For several months now, savings solutions such as life insurance or SCPIs (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) have met with growing success with the French population. While the country is facing a period of high inflation – 5.2% over one year in May – these savings solutions are now seen as relevant anti-crisis investments.

Specialized in advice and wealth management since 2009, Euodia provides daily support to individuals, professionals, but also expatriates wishing to obtain investment advice. The company provides its expertise for investments ranging from a few hundred euros to several million euros per year, without distinction.

Democratize savings solutions thanks to digital

To support all of its customers in the management of their savings, Euodia has been developing many innovative digital tools for twelve years now. The company currently has several websites dedicated to finance and real estate, including the Euodia site, described by its designers as a real bible of asset management. The Internet user will be able to find all the information he needs there, according to his needs.

At the same time, the group has also developed Euodia App: a savings manager accessible directly from their smartphone. This tool then allows you to have a global vision of your assets, with the possibility of managing and optimizing your savings in just a few clicks. Through this application, users can perform several actions by aggregating their bank accounts, their real estate products, or their life insurance; by monitoring the performance of their assets on a daily basis.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence implemented within the application, the latter is also able to analyze the investments of the various customers, in order to offer them avenues for optimization, for example to renegotiate a credit rate deemed too high, or to renegotiate an insurance contract.

“AlbR”: the application for wealth managers

At the forefront of the latest technological advances, the company also wanted to develop a second application called “AlbR”, dedicated for its part to professionals in the sector.

Created by CGPs (wealth management advisors), and for CGPs, this CRM tool aims to simplify the task of wealth managers. With “AlbR”, the latter can indeed carry out asset audits, various simulations, or even offer subscriptions through more than one hundred savings products; while respecting all regulatory obligations. The group thus intends to make this application available to its many colleagues, from a subscription system.

To date, forty people are working on improving this application. This in-depth work has enabled us to design one of the most efficient CRMs on the market, saving precious time every day for professionals in the sector”, explains one of the co-founders and managers of the company.Nicolas Le Febvre.

The transparency of an independent company

Through its desire to dust off the job of savings manager, Euodia is now claiming its total independence; a freedom that also allows it to offer services and investment solutions in complete transparency and without constraints or hidden costs.

To carry out its activity, the group relies on the expertise of its seventy-five employees spread throughout France. Its appetite for digital and new technologies allow the company to adopt the codes of a FinTech, by offering its clients services that go well beyond the skills of a simple traditional wealth management firm.

After twelve years of activity, Euodia has to date recorded almost one billion euros in cumulative investments, with a turnover of ten million euros for the year 2021.

Thanks to the combination of high-performance digital tools and personalized support from experienced wealth advisors, Euodia’s phygital model makes savings solutions accessible to as many French people as possible, regardless of their median standard of living.

Since 2009, nearly 10,000 customers have been able to benefit from advice and tailor-made savings solutions, to look to the future more calmly and prepare future projects today.

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