Shiba Inu: 56 million SHIBs burned despite problems with Robinhood and Coinbase |

Game developer Travis Johnson has done another weekly Shiba Inu burn from the profits of his “Super Shib Store“, this time removing a total of 56,000,000 SHIB from circulating supply.

Burn after fixing issues with major cryptocurrency platforms.

He shared the news in a recent tweetsaying that he “had issues with Robinhood, Coinbase” and also with the MetaMask wallet.

The developer didn’t elaborate on what issues it had with these popular exchanges, however, in one of its previous tweets this week, it mentioned that it was having trouble sending SHIB tokens through Robinhood.

The store allocates a portion of advertising profits from its mobile games, as well as the sale of SHIB-branded goods and merchandise, to burns SHIB weeklies, which replaced the burns which were previously performed on the 15th of each month. Now meme coins are moved to unspendable wallets every Sunday.

16.5 million SHIBs burned through Amazon

Another recent tweet from the “Super Shib Store” indicates that they have managed to burn 16,525,821 Shiba Inu purchased with the commissions of the Amazon Affiliate Program which was recently announced by this Twitter account.

Overall, according to tracker @shibburn, in the last 24 hours a total amount of 284,133,700 SHIB has been sent to dead end wallets. The burn rate has increased by 190.25% compared to a day ago.

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