Societe Generale Assurances entrusts its communication to SCORE DDB!

After competition, Societe Generale Insurance choose DDB SCORE to support him in his digital relational communication. The goal ? Strengthen your customer relationship. The retail agency of the DDB group will be responsible for creating and developing the newsletter program on life insurance savings and protection topics; as well as associated content (podcasts, interviews or in-depth articles).

Societe Generale Assurance, an international player!

At the heart of the Societe Generale group’s development strategy, Societe Generale Assurances operates in more than 8 countries. Indeed, it continues to develop its partnerships with a very specific goal: to allow a better openness to its distribution model.

Photo credit: Twitter/@SG_Assurances

SCORE DDB, the agency that needs no introduction!

SCORE DDB needs no introduction: its campaigns and strategies speak for themselves! Founded and chaired by Nathalie Cachet, the agency continues to develop, particularly through material and human investment. For the latter, SCORE DDB also maintained strategic appointments at the start of the year, which enabled it to retain old customers and acquire new ones, like Société Générale Assurances.

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