Stablecoin USDD: Here’s how Justin Sun plans to protect your investment

The strategy now chosen is that of over-collateralization “. According to recent data from the Tron DAO Reserve website, the TRON stablecoin has a collateralization ratio of 206%. This is therefore much higher than what the Luna Foundation Guard had pledged to maintain: 130%.

Did you know that #USDD assets are live on @TRONDAORESERVE‘s website and are publicly available 24/7. #USDD has been upgraded to an Over-Collateralized Decentralized Stablecoin (OCDS). This strategy positions @usddio as the #stablecoin leader. #TronStrong

This is for TRON to maximize the available reserves, currently $1.37 billion of assets in circulation, to guarantee the parity of the USDD with the dollar. ” We want USDD to be over-collateralized, which I think will make market participants more comfortable using us in the future. “Explains Justin Sun.

TRON is ramping up

At the same time, note that TRON is gradually recovering from the difficulties encountered by the crypto-asset market after the crash of the LUNA stablecoin. Ranked 24e in terms of market capitalization at the end of April, TRX is at the 14e place on June 7, according to data from Coinbase.

To maintain this good momentum, Justin Sun wants to make TRON less vulnerable to attacks by reducing the predictability of the actions of its actions. ” Tron’s DAO will be very active in the market and less predictable “, he assures.

Wallet Investor therefore sees TRON as a good investment, with a price target of $0.09 within a year.

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