State Trading Corporation: revised specifications for better flour quality

The latest flour specifications date back to 2003. 19 years later, in June 2022, the State Trading Corporation (STC) dispatched a consultant to conduct an assessment on the condition of our flour. In Mauritius for about ten days, it is currently carrying out a review of the use of flour in Mauritius, in order to update the specifications. The goal: to have a flour that is best suited to bakeries.

Caroline Masson, who is of French origin, has been in the field since 2006. Her mission is to review all the physico-chemical parameters of the flour. “The main purpose of the tests is to improve the quality of the flour, in order to guarantee regular flour throughout the year, whatever the climatic conditions. We want a flour that has good tolerance and a better yield for bakers,” says the independent consultant.

She has so far met with the association of bakery owners, representatives of the Mauritius Standards Bureau (MSB), officials of the Ministry of Health, representatives of Moulins de la Concorde as well as traditional bakers and bakers operating in supermarkets.

According to STC, the consultant will submit her report in about three months. The document, it is understood, will include recommendations in relation to the organization’s vision over twenty years. “It’s a report that will be implemented over the long term,” says Shilpa Beekarry, trade analyst, responsible for the flour file at the STC.


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