the Senate confirms the reappointment of Jerome Powell as Fed Chairman for a second term

The US Senate confirmed on Thursday May 12 the reappointment as chairman of the central bank (Fed) of Jerome Powell, chosen by Joe Biden for a second term, in the midst of a series of rate hikes in the face of high inflation. Read alsoIn the United States, employees in a position of strength The … Read more

[Trading Cards] Topps – Star Wars Finest 2022 • News Illustrations • Star Wars Universe

Since 2018 everyone has been waiting for a new “Finest” type series.It’s long.But Topps heard our complaints.And here comes this 2022 edition.Hooray!All irony is just coincidence. Or not. In short, cards with a shiny silver effect are back. The basic set is made up of 100 cards representing characters from all over the film and … Read more

[Trading Cards] Topps – Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Topps noticed that The Mandalorians are on a roll right now.So it makes sense that Topps offers a newssorry, to renew a series on The Mandalorian series.But beware, this series will be chrome with a gray tint like beskar, just to make it look cool. The basic set consists of 100 cards drawn from the … Read more