In Ukraine, the war of ancient and modern

DECRYPTION – High technology meets Soviet-era armor on the battlefield. In the territories it conquered, in southern Ukraine, the Russian army deployed a few old T-62 tanks. These machines were designed in the early 1960s. But to ensure an armed presence far from the most intense fighting, they may be sufficient. In the Donbass, the … Read more

In Ukraine, advanced technology to “remember” historic buildings

Equipped with a laser scanner, the engineer Emmanuel Durand “records” precisely the buildings damaged by the Russian strikes to reconstruct them virtually and “fix them in history”. Shells and missiles have rained down on Ukrainian cities since the start of the war, claiming lives but also damaging historic buildings. Cultural services seek to preserve their … Read more

Zurich Insurance withdraws from Russia by reselling its activities to its local team

The Swiss insurer Zurich Insurance will sell its activities in Russia to its local team in order to withdraw from the market, it announced on Friday without revealing the financial details of the transaction. The group has signed an agreement with eleven members of its team in Russia to resell its activities in the country … Read more

US set to release $40 billion for Ukraine

In mid-March, Congress had already released nearly 14 billion dollars for the Ukrainian crisis. The American Congress was preparing Thursday, May 19 to release a gigantic envelope of 40 billion dollars for Ukraine, an illustration of the unwavering support promised by Joe Biden to kyiv. Read alsoUkraine: why is Joe Biden more offensive in the … Read more

US mulls letting Russia continue to repay dollar debt

The United States is considering whether to let expire or extend a sanctions waiver that allows Russia to continue to repay its debt and thus escape default, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Tuesday. Read alsoRussia finally escapes default in confusion It is “something we are actively looking at right now. We want to make … Read more

US announces $150 million in new military aid

This new shipment, well below the previous ones, will notably include artillery ammunition and radars. Joe Biden on Friday announced new military aid to Ukraine to fight the Russian invasion, including artillery munitions and radar. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a separate statement that the amount of this aid represented 150 million dollars, … Read more

Russian generals eliminated thanks to US intelligence

DECRYPTION – The United States helps Ukraine by delivering increasingly heavy weapons, by training its troops, but also by transmitting sensitive information. The information provided by the Americans would have enabled the Ukrainians to kill several Russian generals by firing artillery at their command posts deployed on the front. A dozen Russian general officers are … Read more

War in Ukraine: Has the United States entered the war?

“The United States has changed gears,” said Maud Quessard, director of the Euratlantique-Russia domain at IRSEM, Strategic Research Institute of the Military School, specialist in American foreign policy, on RTL on Monday May 2. By stepping up financial and military aid to the Ukrainian people, “the strategy shifted to a real targeting of Russia“, analyzed … Read more

surprise visit to kyiv by Nancy Pelosi and US parliamentarians

The Speaker of the House of Representatives showed President Volodymyr Zelensky American support for Ukraine. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a surprise visit to Kyiv to show U.S. support for Ukraine, Kyiv and Washington said Sunday. Read alsoWar in Ukraine: Volodymyr Zelensky calls on Washington to deliver “precise materials” … Read more

US Secretary of State Blinken to visit kyiv on Sunday, Zelensky announces

At a press conference in the kyiv metro, the Ukrainian president announced that he would receive the head of United States diplomacy in kyiv tomorrow, for the first time since the start of the conflict. US Foreign Minister Antony Blinken will visit kyiv on Sunday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced on Saturday, two months to … Read more