Terra 2.0: Do Kwon banned from leaving Korea, becomes a motivational speaker!

According to South Korean news outlet JBTC, the Seoul Southern District Attorney’s Office’s Joint Financial and Stock Crime Investigation Team recently imposed a restriction on leaving South Korea on the Terra developer team based in the country.

Terra #LUNA Founder Do Kwon Denies Tax Evasion; The closure of an office in Korea before the crash is a “coincidence” https://t.co/rfhBCCXvUC

Do Kwon meanwhile was last seen in Singapore. His departure to this Southeast Asian state that hosts Terraform Labs offices was seen as an attempt to escape South Korean authorities. Which Do Kwon had denied.

According to JBTC, Do Kwon claimed he had “earned enough money to buy an island,” according to the article. He also allegedly sold cryptocurrencies to institutions in secret in order to collect large sums of money.

Meanwhile, Do Kwon plays seduction!

Do Kwon launches an offensive, but with charm this time! He poses as a motivator on Twitter to keep investors hopeful.

According to him, investors should remain hopeful that the prices of cryptos, especially Luna, should go up.

He goes on to suggest that Terra’s troubles over the past month should serve as a lesson to future blockchain and industry developers to better design new projects. He is confident that the next generations of developers will design stronger DeFi systems.

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Regarding the disappointing launch of Luna V2Do Kwon remarked that market volatility, especially in the DeFi sector, keeps the industry alive and is the price investors have to pay to fight censorship and enjoy their sovereignty.

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