Text against transgender athletes could allow control of children’s genitals

The House of Representatives of Ohio (United States) has adopted a text against transgender athletes. Dubbed the “Save Women’s Sports Act,” it allows for genital testing of athletes who are suspected of being transgender. And this, from the age of 6, reports RMC Sport, citing an article from the News 5 Cleveland channel.

Legislators want no “male individual” to join school sports teams reserved for young girls. Neither at university nor high school, nor at college or school.

Different analyzes produced by a doctor

The text indicates that “if the sex of a participant is disputed, the latter must substantiate this by presenting a signed statement from a physician, indicating the sex of the participant on the basis of the following elements only: (1) reproductive anatomy internal and external of the participant, (2) the normal levels of testosterone produced endogenously by the participant, (3) an analysis of the genetic makeup of the participant. »

According to News 5 Cleveland, schools that do not respect the future measure will be sanctioned. “Across the country, female athletes are currently losing championships, scholarship opportunities, medals, education and training opportunities, and more because of discriminatory policies that allow biological men to compete in girls’ sports,” said Jena Powell, Republican member of the House of Representatives.

The example of swimmer Lia Thomas

The text being considered by the Ohio House of Representatives echoes the story of swimmer Lia Thomas. Last March, she became the first transgender to win an American college championship in women’s freestyle. His victory had sparked strong controversy.

The text, which will have to be validated by the Senate, will be examined next November.

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