the disillusionment of savers after the tumble of cryptoassets

Bitcoin has lost almost 70% since its November 2021 high, falling to $17,600, before recovering slightly. 182699874/january –

TESTIMONIALS – While bitcoin and other existing cryptocurrencies are falling sharply, savers are falling high.

It’s a cold shower for the millions of savers who have put part of their savings in bitcoin and who see their wallets shrink visibly. Since its November 2021 high, the queen of cryptocurrencies has lost almost 70%, falling to $17,600, before recovering slightly. And the fall is even more severe for the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that have collapsed in its wake. Some have lost 90% of their value.

For those who believed in the mirages of easy money, the blow is hard. “There is a form of amazement”, testifies Jérôme Rusak, founder of the wealth management firm L&A Finance and whose certain clients have succumbed to the sirens of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. “We are facing a crash which is colossal with a capitalization which has been divided by three. Many did not think such a drop was possible,” continues Jérôme Rusak. Even the Terra UST, supposed to be stable because pegged to the dollar, collapsed.

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