the insurance refuses to pay him what is due to him

Last August, after spending a memorable evening with his friends in a nightclub in Caen, Victoire realizes that she no longer has her cell phone! After looking for him everywhere, quickly, the obvious is obvious: his smartphone was stolen.

Fortunately, Victoire’s parents had the good idea to take out insurance covering all the multimedia products in the home. Immediately, Victoire declares the claim to the insurance. Almost everything is done over the phone and quickly.

The insurance assures her that she will be reimbursed up to 500 euros. At the same time, his parents realize that this insurance has unduly taken more than 300 euros from them. The insurance then undertakes to pay the sum of 500 euros for the stolen smartphone, and that of 317.91 euros for undue deductions..

She’s been waiting for her refund for 10 months.

Problem, 10 months after his phone was stolen Victoire still hasn’t received anything! Well almost, out of the 317 euros of undue deductions, the insurance paid 159 euros. But 158 ‚Äč‚Äčeuros are still missing and above all, Victoire has still not received the 500 euros for the smartphone!

“The contract is extremely well done, Victoire took the kiddest of the options, the integral. Theft in any way is expected to be covered regardless. Victoire must therefore be reimbursed”, explains Me Anne-Claire Moser live in It can happen to you.

However, the insurance has undertaken in writing to reimburse Victoire twice, in January and May. But the young woman is still waiting to be reimbursed.

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